As independent practitioners we are not limited to which suppliers we can use, as a result we can source most products. Our main suppliers are Essilor, Hoya and Seiko, but we use lenses by Zeiss, Rodenstock and Nikon too. January 2013 saw the launch of the seventh generation of Varilux lenses - Varilux S Series.

These lenses offer 3 levels of superb vision in a varifocal - Varilux S, Varilux S2, and Varilux 4SD, each of which facilitate increasing levels of customisation that will ensure the best possible vision. We actually had a "wow!" moment from our first client to try the S2 design, and we are looking forward to more of the same. A full range of specialist coatings and treatments are offered, including Reflection Free, Transitions (variable tint), tinted and polarised lenses.

Please ask about our comprehensive range of thinner and lighter lenses. We are able to calculate lens thicknesses before you order to guarantee a successful outcome, and we have a demonstrator kit for Varilux and bifocal lenses, so you can try before you buy.

Please call in, we will be happy to discuss your lens requirements. Early in 2010, we introduced Essilor’s VisiOffice system to both practices. This enables us to take even more detailed and accurate measurements when dispensing spectacles with some of the latest hi-tech lenses. This modern technology helps us create what could be described as HD ready vision.


Both practices stock over 800 styles, including well known brands such as Ray-Ban, Versace, Adidas, Flexon, Superdry, Ted Baker, and a delightful range of Ted Baker Junior and Ray-Ban Junior frames for children.  Michael Kors and  Emporio Armani are more recent additions to our ranges, together with a stunning collection of ladies' frames by Ana Hickmann.

We also have several ranges where the style and workmanship speaks for itself, and the assurance of quality that a well known brand gives is quite unnecessary. We also carry a large range of Economy, Fashion and Traditional frames too, and an ever-growing range of Titanium frames.

We are confident that we have something to suit all tastes and budgets but, in the unlikely event that we haven't got what you're looking for, tell us what you're after and we'll see what we can do.

Rimless eyewear is still a popular choice for many, and this remains an area of speciality for us. We regularly update our stock of Silhouette rimless frames, which are our favoured brand due to their lightness, comfort, and strength (but not forgetting the 3 year warranty on the rimless mount).

Advice on the best choice of lens material, lens shape and mount types for each individual prescription is available, and our rimless eyewear is manufactured using the latest CNC technology and assembled locally by our rimless glazing specialist.

We have inadvertently developed a speciality in children's eyewear over the last few years - good news travels fast, it seems, and our passion for well fitting glasses, especially for very young children and babies has become known much further afield than Rossendale, where we are based. We stock frames from Italian manufacturer Centrostyle, which offer children new levels of comfort and safety, as well as the Erin's World frames, which were designed by the optician mother of a little girl with Down Syndrome.

We are always pleased to offer specific dispensing appointments if you feel you have particular needs that may require a little more time to discuss.

Please contact us for any more information regarding any of the above.